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Ethereal suspended sculptures

Anna Masters' sculptures challenge our conventional understanding of sculpture as solid and unchanging objects. Instead, her works exist in a realm that is ethereal and fleeting, seemingly almost on the brink of collapse. Constructed on fine nylon threads, these works sit delicately at the intersection of fibre art and sculpture, in a practice which she describes as 'suspended sculpture'. These sculptures possess a remarkable ability to respond delicately to their surroundings, subtly shifting and twisting with even the slightest vibrations in the room.


Typically incorporating watch or clock components, or organic materials such as butterflies and dried flower petals, these sculptures redefine the context of these materials. By disrupting their role as markers of time and land, Masters prompts us to question our preconceived notions about time and place, encouraging us to see them through fresh eyes that are free from cultural conditioning: What if clocks measured time in irregular units? What if our environment's landmarks were determined by the flight paths of butterflies? How might we navigate our lives if we viewed them through a different lens? 

Anna Masters' suspended sculptures range from small table-top sculptures to large freestanding centrepieces, and are represented internationally by Les Galeries Bartoux. Please contact the gallery to enquire about available works.

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