Original mixed-media suspended sculptures with clock parts, butterflies and petals

Anna Masters creates stunning sculptures of watch and clock parts, butterflies and dried petals. These delicate compositions appear as though they could succumb to the forces of gravity at any time. From small-scale sculptures to large foyer statement pieces, these suspended sculptures bring a unique sense of ephemerality to the traditional mediums of sculpture.

Technical details

This series of suspended sculptures are created by suspending materials - typically watch and clock parts, butterflies and dried petals - on lengths of clear nylon. These three-dimensional compositions are developed over a number of layers, giving the appearance that the parts are floating within the space, prone to collapse at any moment.

These sculptures are usually presented in a clear perspex case, and those with petals and butterflies also have UV protection. The Mortal Engine series are created and presented in vintage clock cases, which can be opened when desired.


Every artwork is unique and handcrafted. Please contact Galeries Bartoux if you would like to know which works are currently available.