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Public Art

Social and Participatory Public Art Projects

Masters' recent public art projects reflect her deep enquiries into the the intricate ways in which we navigate our surroundings and leave behind traces of our movements. Through these works, she asks: What kind of impact do we make on our locations, landscapes, and communities? What legacy do we wish to leave behind through the interactions we have within our environments?


Interested in challenging the norms and conventions that govern our relationship with public spaces, Masters creates innovative participatory public art projects that disrupt the implicit power structures that often dictate how we utilise and engage with shared spaces. By providing platforms for active participation from the public, Masters aims to foster a sense of ownership and connection within the community, encouraging people to feel empowered within their surroundings, to recognise their agency in shaping their environment, and to reflect upon their place within it.


Through thought-provoking installations and site-specific exhibitions, Masters aspires to spark dialogue, inspire change, and ignite a sense of collective responsibility. Her works elegantly combine poetic responses to the environment whilst also building social and environmental resilience.

If you would like to find out more about any of Anna Masters' public art projects, or to enquire about commissions, exhibition proposals or collaborations, please get in touch

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