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Social, Participatory and Public Art

Masters' recent public art projects consider the ways in which we navigate and make an impact on our locations, landscapes and communities. What traces of our presence are left behind through the interactions have within our environments, and what do we want the legacy of our presence to be?

Through innovative participatory projects, Masters interrogates the relationships we have with our locales, disregarding the status quo and seeking to disrupt the implicit power structures that guide our use and interaction with public space. At the heart of her practice is the intuition that art in public realm should have a beneficial impact on the communities and environments in which they are placed.



Award-Winning Participatory Public Sculpture

Something Good is a project about kindness and nurturing connections within the community; a participatory sculptural intervention which provides a dedicated space for gift-giving and sharing between strangers, friends, businesses and passers-by.


Environmental Sculpture

Growing Giants is a public sculpture which encourages residents to contribute to their local ecology through placing wildflower seeds within the sculptures to support the environmental diversity of the area.


Public Sculptural Service

Do you have a collection of items that you keep hold of simply because you can't bare to get rid of them? The Kairos Relics is a service whereby people can donate their personal mementos and allow them to be placed within the historical context of the 'relic'

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If you would like to find out more about any of Anna Masters' public art projects, or to enquire about commissions, exhibition proposals or collaborations, please get in touch.

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