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Mixed-Media Art

Unique and statement
three-dimensional artworks

Anna Masters' mixed media art is recognisable for the unique way she "suspends" materials to create the illusion that they are floating within the frame or space. This unique practice allows her to create three-dimensional wall-based works which have ephemeral and sculptural qualities. Working predominantly with organic and found materials - typically including dried flower petals, clock components and book extracts - these artworks allude to the suspension of time and fleetingness of wonder.

These works are represented internationally by Les Galeries Bartoux. Please contact the gallery to enquire about available works.


How are the dried petals preserved?

The petals in these works are dried and preserved using UV protective resin. These works are also glazed with UV protective, anti-reflective glass.


What petals are used in these works?

Floral art works are created using dried petals from various flowers - predominantly rose, calendula, hydrangea, cornflower and delphinium petals. These are sourced from UK flower farms in Shropshire and Sussex. Eucalyptus and Ruscus leaves also feature in many of the artworks.

How are the butterflies sourced?

Any butterflies or moths used in the artworks are sourced from vintage and antique collections, as well as natural death butterflies from UK butterfly houses - they often bare marks and scars from their previous lives. No butterflies are bred or caught for these artworks.

Where do you get the watch and clock parts from?

Watch and clock parts are recycled from used clocks and watches as well as factory seconds - they often show signs of rust and wear, which point to the unique history of the material itself.

How are the artworks presented?

Each piece is framed with a deep white wood frame, and is glazed with anti-reflective glass.

Where can I see the works in person?

Anna Masters' works are available exclusively with Les Galeries Bartoux. Please visit their website to find your closest gallery. As the works take a long time to produce, there may not be an example of the works in every gallery, so please check before travelling. Please join the mailing list to hear about new collections, exhibitions and open studios events.

What are the prices of these works?

Prices are range between £3,500-£14,000 depending on size. If you are interested in a particular piece, please contact Les Galeries Bartoux for further information and prices.

Can I commission an artwork?

Commissions are welcomed. It is useful to consider your size and budget, and to identify a selection of existing pieces that you like so that a design can be based on your individual taste. If you would like to commission a piece, please contact Les Galeries Bartoux who will be happy to advise you.

How do I buy an artwork?

Anna Masters' artworks are available exclusively with Les Galeries Bartoux. Please contact the gallery if you would like to know which pieces are currently available.

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