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Museo Spazio Pubblico, Bologna
Opening Thursday 29 June 2023

From ephemeral enclosures to delicate floral installations, [SHELTER] brings together a new body of works spanning two sites – the museum gallery and an adjacent vacant plot. Adopting the motif of endemic flora, [SHELTER] presents questions of how we inhabit place: the relationships we have with the land; the dichotomy between public and private spaces; and the performativity of place. 

Inside the gallery, Masters presents wall-based and suspended installations of the leaves and petals of native plants, a poetic and sensitive ode to the natural landscape. Alongside these are sculptural interventions – miniature ecosystems - constructed using refuse collected from the local neighbourhood, an envisioning of a more symbiotic relationship with the natural world. Outside, the audience are invited into intimate enclosures, translucent fabric floral shelters made with natural materials and dyes. Within these exhibits, we see a collapsing of the accepted norms of place, as the outside offers private sanctuary, while the gallery becomes increasingly filled with flora in a ‘growing’ installation.

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