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Installation Art

Time-specific and suspended mixed media art installations

Anna Masters' installations are an invitation to step into a world where time stands still. These site-specific artworks capture fleeting moments, as if freezing materials in suspended animation. However, they also carry within them the inherent impermanence of existence - each piece destined to be altered or even destroyed after its display. In this way, her installations become reflections on the transient nature of being and serve as memory-records of specific moments.


'Dream Forest,' for instance, was painstakingly developed over a two-week exhibition only to be dismantled once the exhibition came to a close. From that point forward, it existed solely in the memories of those who had experienced its enchantment. Similarly poignant is '11 Years Unfinished', serving as a tribute to the ever-changing faces of grief. With each new exhibition, the charcoal writings scrawled upon its surface are added to, growing and expanding—a visual expression that mirrors the ongoing journey of loss over time. Through this process, the artwork becomes an active archive—an unfolding testament to evolving emotional responses.


Anna Masters’ interdisciplinary approach ranges from delicate hanging pieces that beckon quiet contemplation to immersive room-sized installations that envelop you in visual and audio experiences. Each work is meticulously crafted to respond harmoniously with their physical surroundings and social contexts. Her installations offer glimpses into alternative ways we can navigate space and circumstance — and thus, the possibility of momentarily transcending our everyday realities.

If you are an institution looking for a site-specific artwork, exhibition or installation, please do not hesitate to get in touch with details of your project.

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