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Kairos Relics

Participatory Sculptural Service

Do you have a collection of items that you keep hold of simply because you can't bare to get rid of them? The Kairos Relics is a service whereby people can donate their personal mementos and allow them to be placed within the historical context of the 'relic'.

The Kairos Relics are artefacts to the qualitative experiences where time doesn't behave in its usual, predicatble fashion; moments of falling in love, of grief, of self-sabotage, epiphany and redemption.


Many of us retain objects that signify these moments to us - letters, souvenirs, mementos - long after they are useful to us. The Kairos Relics invite us to take these objects from our present surroundings and to assign them to our past.


Through the Kairos Relics, these mementos are subjected to the processes of time – crushing, heating, compressing – and are reimagined into new forms reminiscent of heritage objects, transformed from a marker of an present reality to a marker of an historical event.

Would you like me to use your mementos to create Kairos Relics? Do you work with communities who would find this service useful? Please get in touch for in informal discussion.

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