A series of original artworks with watch and clock parts suspended on nylon

Nothing has affected my experience of the world so profoundly, completely and continuously as time. Time has changed my mind about things in ways that arguments never could. Time has allowed me to love deeper than I ever understood. Time has left me with lingering pain, grief and insecurities that perpetually repeat, refocus and refine. Time embeds itself in the lines of my face.

Time - this lovely, beautiful, ferocious beast - is overwhelming.

The Time is Now series of works explores a conflicted lived experience of time: an embrace of the beauty and a plee for pause. The futility of the attempt to halt time is obvious but, in the slow, methodical and meticulous practice of taking apart time-pieces and reconfiguring the component parts, I can escape it for a while.

Technical Details

This series of wall-based works are created by suspending watch and clock parts on grids of clear nylon. The compositions are developed over a number of layers, giving the appearance that the parts are floating within the space, and creating a sense of depth; they can be considered wall-sculptures or three-dimensional collages. For the most part, the watch and clock parts are recycled from used clocks and watches - they often show signs of rust and wear, which point to the unique history of the material istelf.

Each piece is framed with a deep white wood frame, and is glazed with anti-reflective glass.

Every artwork is unique and handcrafted. Please contact Galeries Bartoux if you would like to know which works are currently available.