Exquisite three-dimensional clock and time artworks

Anna Masters creates unique clock artworks by creating delicate three-dimensional compositions of salvaged watch and clock components. In these painstaking and exacting pieces, Masters pulls apart the mechanisms of timekeeping in order to examine our experience of time itself; arresting progress in a momentary collapsing of logic and order. Suspended apart from each other, the cogs do not turn. Can we loose ourselves in a moment here whilst the rest of the clocks keep on ticking around us? Masters' unique practice creates the illusion that the watch and clock parts are floating in a moment of explosion before time once again takes hold of the parts and gravity pulls them back together. Constructed over a number of layers of clear nylon, these works have a distinctive three-dimensional quality which allow the works to change as the light of the day changes.


Anna Masters works are available exclusively with Les Galeries Bartoux. If you would like to know which pieces are currently available or to find out more about the artworks, please contact the gallery.