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Time is Now

Three-Dimensional Clock Art

This unique and delicate series of artworks contemplates our relationships with time and how we come to terms with its passage. Based on an innate sense that the passing of time can be loaded with hope and wonder, and concurrently with the grief of its passing, these intimate works are about how we live with, treasure, grieve, bury and inhabit the accumulation of moments that make up our pasts and our visions of the future.

The Time is Now series of works explores a conflicted lived experience of time: an embrace of the beauty and a plee for pause. The futility of the attempt to halt time is obvious but, in the slow, methodical and meticulous practice of taking apart time-pieces and reconfiguring the component parts, I can escape it for a while.

Technical Details

Presented in deep, white wood frames with non-reflective glass, the delicacy and intricacy of these works is truly the focal point of these unique works.  Created by suspending watch and clock parts on grids of clear nylon, the compositions are developed over four layers, giving a unique sense of depth. The watch and clock parts are seconds or recycled from used clocks and watches - they often show signs of rust and wear, which point to the unique history of the material itself.

If you would like to know which artworks are currently for sale or to see works in the flesh, please contact Les Galeries Bartoux. You can also subscribe to my mailing list to receive event invitations and latest news.

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