Something Good

Participatory art installation for Aldgate in Summer


St Butolphs without Aldgate

Aldgate High Street, London, EC3N 1AB


25 June - 09 July 2021

Something Good is a participatory sculptural installation. The open hands that protrude from the wall invite gifts that can be passed through the community. If there is a gift on the hands when you find them, feel free to accept the gift, or claim a gift from the gift pledge below if the hands are empty. You are welcome to leave a gift on the hands if they are empty, or to pledge a gift to the gift pledge below.

When we leave a gift on the hands, we have no idea who will pick it up, or the impact it will have on the recipient. We are reminded of the generosity of strangers, and the opportunities in our everyday to transform somebody’s day through a small act of kindness. Whether placing a gift with the Something Good sculpture, holding a door for someone, calling an old friend, it is believed that small gestures of kindness can have a knock-on effect within the community.

Accept a Gift

To accept a gift, or to send a gift to someone else, please enter the name and address of the gift recipient in the form below.

Gifts are selected at random, and can be claimed between 25 June and 09 July 2021. One gift per participant.

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Accept a Gift

Thank you for your interest in making a gift pledge to Something Good. The gifts will be available to be claimed from 25 June to 09 July 2021 as part of Aldgate in Summer.

Please provide the following information to complete your pledge:

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