Anna Masters' works range from exquisite 3D artworks for walls, to room-sized suspended installations and permanent public art projects. You can view a selection of works using the navigation below.

Dried petal and butterfly art by Anna Masters

Floral, clock and mixed-media artworks

Anna Masters' art is recognisable for the unique way she "suspends" materials to create the illusion that they are floating within the frame. This highly unusual practice allows her to create three-dimensional wall-based works which have ephemeral and sculptural qualities. Working predominantly with organic and found materials - typically including dried flower petals, clock components and book extracts, these artworks allude to the suspension of time and fleetingness of wonder.


Ranging from small, intricate sculptures to large foyer centrepieces, Anna Masters’ suspended sculptures appear to defy gravity; materials float in space, defiant not just of gravity but of time itself. This collection  comes alive with changes to the light and movements in the wider environment - often with materials twisting and turning in response to minor vibrations in their settings.


Anna Masters' ephemeral installations are developed for specific locations and events and are destroyed after use, with the materials salvaged and re-imagined for future projects or wall-based works. These installations are the realised embodiment of Masters' celebration of beauty and wonder, and the ongoing effort to reconcile with its fleetingness. Typically large, floor-to-ceiling suspended art installations, her works are increasingly becoming immersive experiences which encourage the audience to actively participate in the navigation and performative aspects of engaging with and activating the work.


Masters' recent works in the public realm consider our relationships with the landscapes around us, and how artistic interventions can enhance the ways we negotiate physical spaces and communities. Through subtle disruptions to the status quo, Masters raises questions about imperceivable systems and assumptions that shape our experience of the world and how we might interrogate these to gain a deeper sense of meaning and connection in our everyday interactions.