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Ethereal floral artworks inspired by the natural world

Capturing moments of transience before they pass, this series of artworks uses dried petals, flowers and butterflies to celebrate the beauty and delicacy of the natural environment. Resisting the passage of the seasons, the petals are halted in their decay; the butterflies never cease to fly in their sculpted nylon worlds.

Utilising Masters' recognisable technique of suspending materials on fine, clear nylon, these artworks have the delicacy of petals caught on the wind as they practically float within the frame. Using preserved, dried flowers and petals to create these artworks, the pieces are flooded with natural colours and organic forms.

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Technical details

These floral art works are created using dried petals from various flowers - predominantly rose, calendula, hydrangea, cornflower and delphinium petals. The petals are dried and preserved using UV protective resin. The butterflies used in the artworks are sourced from vintage and antique collections, as well as natural death butterflies from UK butterfly houses - they often bare marks and scars from their previous lives.

Each piece is framed with a deep white wood frame, and glazed with UV protective, anti-reflective glass.

Every piece is unique and hand-crafted. Please contact Les Galeries Bartoux if you would like to to see them in person or to know which works are currently available. Sign up to the mailing list if you'd like to receive latest news and exhibition invites.

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