A series of original artworks with dried rose and wildflower petals suspended on nylon

I remember when I thought that love was supposed to last forever. It was supposed to be easy and uncompromising, all-consuming and unrelenting.

And then I turned eight.

My family broke down, and my romantic vision of a true, everlasting love was replaced with a scepticism that told me that nothing lasts forever. The roses that were meant to symbolise love died on my window sill; the petals dried up and crumbled. And yet, 30 years on, I try desperately to recapture and preserve that happy, niaive, impossible fairy-tale. These fleeting feelings won't disappear, these flowers won't die. I work at it. It is uncompromising, all-consuming, unrelenting. But it's never easy.

Technical details

These floral art works are created using dried petals from various flowers - predominantly rose, calendula, hydrangea, cornflower and delphinium petals. The petals are dried and preserved using UV protective resin. The butterflies used in the artworks are sourced from vintage and antique collections, as well as natural death butterflies from UK butterfly houses - they often bare marks and scars from their previous lives.

This series of wall-based works are created by suspending dried petals, flowers and vintage butteflies on grids of clear nylon. The compositions are developed over a number of layers, giving the appearance that the petals are floating within the space, and creating a sense of depth; they can be considered wall-sculptures or three-dimensional collages.

Each piece is framed with a deep white wood frame, and glazed with UV protective, anti-reflective glass.

Please contact Galeries Bartoux if you would like to know which works are currently available.

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