I am a mixed media artist, creating wall-based works and site-specific installations. Using a delicate system of nylon threads, I suspend materials within the frame or the site, creating a sense of an intangible moment, captured and frozen in time.

Time and transience are themes that recur throughout my portfolio. The works toy with the idea of capturing a perfect, inexplicable moment, but are betrayed by the materials used to create them. Working primarily with organic materials and found objects, the meaning or symbolism of the materials is lost or altered by the very passing of time that the works seem to seek to suspend. Our cultural resistance to time and change, and the paradox of its inevitability fascinate me; my works seek to portray this dichotomy.

My work is represented by the following galleries in London and Europe:

Cube Gallery, London

M1 Fine Art, London

Gallerie Bartoux, Cannes

I have been involved with numerous public art projects, including Elephant Parade (2010 and 2013-14), Jungle City Edinburgh (2011), The Big Faberge Egg Hunt (2012) and the City of London Festival (2012). I was awarded Arts Council funding  in 2014 for the research and development of new large-scale and 3D works.