Firstly, here’s a big thank you to everyone who’s taken an interest in the 12 Acts of Kindness project thus far. THANK YOU! If you’ve not heard me talk about it before, it’s a monthly fundraising appeal in which each month I give away an art work to a randomly selected person who has donated to a selected charity. You can read the full details here.

This month I’m raising money for Breast Cancer charities, and it’s a little bit different to previous months, in that as well as giving away an art work, I’m also doing the Moonwalk – a 26.2 mile night time walk across London. I’m doing the walk alongside two of my favourite people, one of whom has just undergone treatment for the cancer herself. She’s been stupendously brave throughout the entire process and I can honestly say that I’ve never been more proud to call anyone my friend. And now, for her to walk a marathon after such a, frankly, crappy year…. Well, this girl is unstoppable. I’m very proud indeed to be raising money for these charities in support of all the other brave ladies out there.

As usual, I’ll still draw a winner from the people who donate, there’s just the added incentive (?!) of knowing that I’ll be in a lot of pain following this. Feel inspired? If so, donate here. If not… Please still feel free to share the campaign with anyone you know who may be. Thank you again!

Donate Here

By the way, here’s some examples of the kind of works people have won so far this year. Good luck!