Those of you familiar with my art work will know that it’s long been inspired by the natural world, and particularly, insects and butterflies. For me, memories of butterflies resonate from my childhood, when I used to be able to name and identify the vast majority of butterflies on the British Isles. I should qualify that I can’t do that any more… despite, it seems to me, there are a lot less butterflies around to be able to name. Perhaps it’s my imagination, or perhaps my eyes are less keen, but there seems to be an awful lot less butterflies around these days. I’m sure I can’t have developed such a consuming fascination on the basis of such an occasional sighting of a Cabbage White or a Peacock butterfly flitting in and out of the garden?

So, a little bit of research later, and I find that three quarters of British butterfly species have gone into decline in the last ten years alone, and one in ten species are at risk of disappearing from the British Isles altogether. Crikey. And this is important not just because generations of children will miss the opportunity to be inspired by and learn from these amazing little creatures, but because they are critically important to our wider ecosystems, as pollinators and as a rather large part of the lower food chain. I’m going to talk more about butterflies and why they are some of the most fascinating creatures on the planet (no lie…) in another post, because it is worth emphasizing. But suffice to say for the time-being, that this month’s 12 Acts Of Kindness will be in aid of Butterfly Conservation, a UK based charity who work to protect habitats up and down the country, managing nature reserves and conducting important research.

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